There are no incurable diseases, only the lack of will. there are not worthless herbs, only the lack of knowledge.


Hey there!

I am a women’s Holistic Health Coach who has been studying traditional systems of ‘afiya or well-being for over five years. My passion is to help people embark on a journey of self-knowledge to live a more wholesome life.

In recent years, I have studied the science of mizaj or temperaments, preventative medicine, food and toxicity, and motion and rest. Further to this, I have taken courses in nutrition, herbalism and women’s health. 

Afiya Holistic Healing is a space for women and families to connect and become advocates for their own health. By empowering you to free your mind and body of modern-day afflictions, we offer bespoke coaching programmes to help you achieve optimum health, one step at a time. 

Your journey to health with purpose begins here!


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