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Afiya Holistic Healing is a space for women and families to connect and become advocates for their own health. By empowering you to free your mind and body of modern-day afflictions, we offer bespoke coaching programmes to help you achieve optimum health, one step at a time. 


We believe, like Avicenna, that most illnesses arise solely from long continued errors of diet and regimen. Simple dietary changes as well as the use of natural remedies can help the body to heal itself, and many illnesses can be treated as a result.

We utilise a holistic approach to identify and address the cause of illness, not merely the symptoms. Our focus is on preserving and enhancing your health.

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We offer 1:1 bespoke coaching programmes to help you achieve your health and wellness goals through lifestyle adjustments. We will assist you in making simple changes that will have immediate and long-lasting benefits!


from our lovely clients

I got in touch with Afiya Holistic Healing to discuss a variety of health concerns, some of which were fatigue, low energy levels, migraines, and general weakness, among others. The consultations were very calm and recorded in lots of detail. The diet plan was very simple, easy to keep to and consisted of small changes. I was so surprised how these small changes had such a huge effect on my health! With only a couple of changes I saw my tiredness disappear, my energy levels increased and I felt stronger. The most amazing part – I haven’t had a migraine since! I would 200% recommend to a friend.

Mrs Zafar

Afiya Holistic Healing’s careful attention to diet and lifestyle really works. It’s amazing how small changes can have such great outcomes. I suffered from very dry skin for quite a few years and I’m happy to say that it has improved considerably as a result of these sessions. We also worked on managing my stress – I feel much more relaxed and calm now!


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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


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